Techie Hunter

What’s this all means?

Hi random internet user!

You are at, the blog and website of techie hunters. I am the dream maker of this TechieHunter. This journey was started at July 2015 with some crazy dreamers. There was a motto of gathering knowledge and knowledgeable persons from any discipline. We call them techie as because they are poured by the technological knowledge. We are working for our self development. We have organized lots of workshops like Robotics, Learn Programming, Office Management and Advanced MS Excel, Presentation skill developments.

We have a core team of Techies including me and continuously developing Software, Creating Promotional Videos and Rendering animations & 3D Graphical images and Banners for lots of outsourcing companies worldwide. You will get our individual information here. I am here as the Founder of this TechieHunter trying to give you some idea about us and writing some tutorials on programming and trying to give you updates on technology in my blog site. If you are interested in learning programming and Software development then stick around my blog and stalk our team from our ABOUT page.

Your Truly…..

Md. Rakibul Hasan Raju Meazi
Founder & Admin
Techie Hunter